Tue 19 Jan 1230-1430 UTC Join Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance in Meaningful Play - Adventure Tutorial Safaris #evomc21 #LiveEvents

Vance Stevens



Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear will be on the server at 12:30 UTC January 19, which is right after dinner for us and 7:30 a.m. EST. But we'll be there for two hours exploring on the server. You are welcome to join us or if you need help finding your footing, we can /tp (teleport) to you and assist you in whatever your project or goal is for the day.


We'll accommodate any experience level. We can help you take baby steps or big steps away from the protected spawn area.

It will help a lot if you can have 2021_Discord set up for voice beforehand.

If you need help write us at https://groups.io/g/minecraftmooc/ 


Where? on the Minecraft server; see 2021_server_info

  • For voice, we'll be in 2021_Discord - Look for us in Playground 3

When?  For the time noon plus 30 minutes GMT wherever you are on the planet, see

We look forward to seeing you there :-)

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