Join Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance in Meaningful Play - Adventure Safari Hangouts #evomc21 #LiveEvents

Vance Stevens

On Sat 23 Jan and Sun 24 Jan 1230-1430 UTC
You can join Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance in Meaningful Play - Adventure Safari Hangouts



Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear keep trying to find an evomc21 event title that will characterize what we are trying to do when engaging participants on our Minecraft server. We've settled on Meaningful Play - Adventure Safari Hangouts


First we have to find a time when participants are likely to be available. We set events to draw them to our server and monitor our Discord #serverchat channel to see when they are there on their own. If we find a participant online we send them a message in world and ask if we can assist. If they want help we go there.


We don't set plans in advance for teaching people about Minecraft since our participants range from newbie to knowbie, and we have other moderators who are mounting more systematic approaches. If you need to be shown what to do we can help you with whatever you need to learn. If you know a bit about Minecraft and want to be shown around some interesting places on our server, we know of a few.


Either way, clueless or clued-in, you need to come online so we can show you. The ultimate goal is for you to become familiar enough with the medium so you can work out in your mind, Aha! THIS is how I might use this with MY students! We are all in pursuit of such aha moments; hopefully there will be more than one.

What do we mean by Meaningful Play - Adventure Safari Hangouts?


Meaningful play is a term Jeff Kuhn threw into an article we wrote together. You can find the original reference for it here:

Kuhn, J. and Stevens, V. (2017). Participatory culture as professional development: Preparing teachers to use Minecraft in the classroom. TESOL Journal 8, 4:753–767. and

Pre-publication proof available:


Adventure Safari is where we agree on a destination and go there and talk through where we are headed and what we are doing using Discord. I feel that this is where we all learn best how to function in any multiplayer communicative/collaborative game environment, whether it be Minecraft or learning a target language by moving around a city where they speak that language and interacting with the natives there. You call on resources you already have and develop new ones as the need arises. It's like meeting your friend on a street corner and starting with "Whatdya feel like doing today?" ("oh, I dunno, I hear Olivetree found a skele spawner near her farm area, wanna go look?" - or wherever, and off we go).


If you aren't up to moving about quite yet, then we can hang out with you and help get you up to speed.


We hope you can join us between 1230-1430 UTC on nights we can be there (between dinner time and bedtime for us in Penang), but if that's not a good time for you then tell us what IS a good time for you. You can leave us a note on Discord (#convos is a good place) or on Facebook, or write us at


It will help a lot if you can have 2021_Discord set up for voice beforehand.


Where? on the Minecraft server; see 2021_server_info

  • For voice, we'll be in 2021_Discord - Look for us in Playground #3 (or wherever you see our names)


When? What time is Sun 24 Jan 1230-1430 UTC wherever you are on the planet? (Applies to Sat Jan 23 as well)



And today, Saturday, Bobbi and I are at home and online and keeping an eye out for who else is on our server. If you want to meet us at any time between now (when you read this) and 14:30 UTC today, drop us a line (reply to this msg) and we'll join you.

Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear

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