Thu 04 Feb 0200 UTC - EVOMC21 explores together what's beyond the door that says Enter if you Dare #evomc21 #LiveEvents

Vance Stevens

Thu 04 Feb 0200 UTC - EVOMC21 explores together what's beyond the door that says Enter if you Dare

We are recruiting volunteers to accompany us in an exploration of what lies behind the sign teasingly placed on a door somewhere on our EVO Minecraft MOOC server.
If you would like to join us, you would be welcome.

In this spreadsheet, 

Mirea Artican posted that she would like to explore together what's beyond the door that says, "Enter if you dare!"

Moderator team Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance entered our names in the moderator column to volunteer to accompany her



Here is the door in question



and its position in our world relative to Spawn



Teacher Vance went down to reconnoiter and found a set of caverns, well lit, with waterfalls that help with orientation.

Though precipitous drops I could see magma below. I only went down to about level 40 or so.


When I revisit tomorrow I will carry only things easily replaced, 

  • a bed,
  • a stone sword
  • both stone and iron pickaxes 
  • torches and spare sticks and coal,
  • some carrots or any sufficient food
  • a chest, in case I want to leave anything I find in a safe place before exploring further
  • a stack each of dirt and cobblestone, handy for marking the way back, making bridges and repairs, and easily removed afterwards


Where does this happen?

  • On the EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021_server
  • You can text chat in Minecraft but it's so much easier if we can speak to one another in our EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021_Discord


When exactly? 02:00 UTC Thu Feb 4; but that's still Wed night Feb 3 if you're on the USA side of the Atlantic

You can find the time wherever you are on the planet at this link


The adventure could go on beyond an hour 





Hope to see you there

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