Live Session 07/02 at 1400 UTC Sharing MineAcademy English Club with EVOMC


Hi, dear EVOMC participants and co-Mods! 🙃

📣I'd like to invite you to a live session tomorrow in ZOOM! I look forward to meeting you live tomorrow.

Session description:
If students can learn English in a physical classroom with limited concrete resources, why wouldn't they develop their communicative skills if class could happen inside in immersive ludic environment? Minecraft provides concrete experiences and meaningful opportunities to learn and practice the language. In MineAcademy English Club the official language is English and projects are negotiated and agency is promoted.
I'd love to share with EVOMC community how MineAcademy started, give an overview of the pedagogical frameworks I've created for language learning and managing project-based learning and discuss managing students in-game.
Time: Feb 7, 2021 02:00 PM Universal Time UTC
Timezone event announcer:
Meeting ID: 867 2435 9048
Passcode: 940689

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