Welcome to #evomc21 Week 3 #evomc21

Vance Stevens

Hi all,

I think we could probably make better use of this forum, but lacking much feedback here, what I like to use if for is to draft what I want to say in FB and on Discord about the upcoming weeks.

Topics to cover:

Get on our Whitelist - We have 117 registrants for this session via our Google form and we've whitelisted all we can, for a total of 38 Mojang Minecraft accounts. Of these about a dozen are moderators, leaving about two dozen who are successfully whitelisted according to what we can see in the database produced by the form. We have a lot of registrants we can't whitelist because they did not provide user names, or they provided IDs not recognized by Mojang.

Join us in Minecraft - Many are starting to join us on the server. As MOOCs go, the first stage is orientation on the ecosystem inherent in the MOOC and the 2nd stage is to emerge from that and pop your head up in some sort of declaration. Many have come on the server (you can see a record of who has been there here https://discord.com/channels/516656532499464202/516656532499464205 ). A few of you have blogged your reflections. Many have introduced themselves on Facebook.

We moderators have been having a blast working with new participants on the server. I've been listing events and archiving them as best I can here

As a sample of what is there here is a screenshot of Mireaartican from earlier today killing spiders through protective glass near a subdued spawner deep underground at /warpstringfarm so she could make fishing poles and crossbows.

There are a couple dozen videos made by Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear on our adventure treks around out server. Have a look to get a taste of what it's like here, or to identify a place you'd like to visit. Then tell us when we can meet you and we can take you there (or join us at one of our server play times.

What's coming up in Week 3 - So, week 3 is designated Networking in Cormier's logical progression in MOOCs. Bobbi Bear and I did that earlier today, visiting Dakotah Redstone on his Halliwell realm server (video forthcoming). On Feb 2 we visit VSTE's server for Minecraft Monday, and on Feb 7 Rose Bard will take us to visit her MineAcademy English Club.

Get oriented and hop on when ready - Meanwhile, this  session follows a hop-on, hop off format. All instructions are at our wiki http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/, and all questions are dealt with here and on Facebook and in Discord, but all learning takes place in Minecraft. So when you are ready, log on to our server. If you can't get on, make sure we have your Minecraft id for whitelisting, or resort to the wiki to see where you went off, or use our question platforms. 

We look forward to having you with us in world,

Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear