Thanks to all who participated in EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021, and please provide your feedback as indicated here #evomc21 #reflections

Vance Stevens

Thanks to all the EVO Minecraft MOOC co-moderators and participants who made this year's session so special

Some of us were working in COVID19 lockdown conditions during this period. I think this helped us illustrate through through extrapolation from our own learning

and through the occasional participation of young learners in EVOMC21 how a Minecraft component could be a powerful stimulus for engagement in an online course with English language learners.


If you enjoyed this session and feel you benefited in some way, could you please leave us feedback in these spaces:


  1. Please fill in the EVO Participant survey 
    This survey is conducted by EVO after each session to help us justify continued support of EVO under TESOL/CALL-IS sponsorship
    The deadline requested is Feb 15, but asap after that will still be highly appreciated. 

  2. Please leave us a short recording of you spontaneous reflection on EVOMC21 on the Flipgrid here: 
    Your recording will join the dozens of others you can see at that link and will appear as a gallery of voices in the upcoming TESOL 2021 Virtual Conference


As explained at the previous link

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of EVO sessions (2001-2021), we would like you to record a short (2-10 minute) testimonial, which will be shared by the CALL Interest Section during the upcoming virtual TESOL Convention, March 24-27, 2021.  

Please share the following information and more if you wish:

1. Please introduce yourself and your location (city/country).

2. Name of your EVO session or sessions you took.

3.  Reflect and tell the audience: "Why I love the EVO session(s) and how it has improved (or will improve) my teaching practice."


EVO Moderators can leave their Flipgrid reflections here:  


We appreciate your participation as well as your feedback in helping us to improve EVO Minecraft MOOC next year

and EVO, Electronic Village Online over its next 20 years.

I learned a lot during this EVOMC21 session, that's why I do it year after year.

Hope you did too,

Teacher Vance