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Welcome to the EVO Minecraft MOOC wiki.  This is where you will find the collected "wisdom of the herd".  This is where you will find all the "answers" we have found, as well as all of the additional "questions" that those "answers" unlock.  That is the iterative nature of play, er learning. ;) And since this is a wiki, this is also where you can add your stone to the soup!

This will just be the "landing page" - i.e. not many real answers here, mainly just signposts to where the answers are

a "table of contents" really - (which might be a built-in feature, judging by what I saw as I poked around)

I am just adding text now - to get some things on the page to flesh out the visual look of the page

wikis are usually - primarily text

but - I think they "look nice" visually as well

not - for the sake of looking nice, but to do a good job of telling the story

many/most of us - are visual learners   

(NOTE: all this text is a "temporary placeholder and should be replaced with real content")  / note on top of note... all of this page thus far is just a test drive of the wiki tool by dakotah and does in any way represent any "official" act/expression/opinion of any person or group)



this is where the actual "table of contents" / index section is typically inserted

to do/ footnotes...

1. create links to references for important words such as Minecraft, EVO, MOOC, wiki, "wisdom of the herd", iterative nature of, stone soup... etc.  

2. might be good to also establish a literary/editorial style of short/pithy explanations locally here in text of these "important" concepts, the cons being that a: that can very quickly become a wall of text and b: it's very difficult for multiple writers to maintain any kind of uniform "voice", especially (I am not sure that is a word) at the startup.